Here are the digital files I have for download. 3D model links will take you to my Cults3d page.

Free 3D Models

⚫ Pocket Star Creature

A basic Star Monster, In Essence, inspired by a popular game series.

This star shaped battling pocket creature comes with three meshes: one for the star shaped body, one for the gem holder and one for the jewel.

I modeled this as I couldn’t find a clean symmetric version that was just nice solid lines and someone commissioned me to make them an item around this particular creature.

You can print all pieces using an FDM printer or, if you’re like me, print the star shape and the gem frame in FDM then resin print with translucent red resin sprayed with clearcoat for transparency.

[vrm360 mesh_color=#555555 light_intensity=0.4 canvas_name=3dv-star-demo model_url=”” grid=true rx=90 autostart=true aspect_ratio=1.33333 hide_cmds=zoom,fullscreen ground_offset=-60]

Click Here To Download The Pocket Star Creature